7 сент. 2008 г.

About Davit Gareji

Davit Gareji monastery cave complex is located is southeast of Tbilisi, in historical region Sagarejo. It was founded in 6th century, by Davit-one of the "13 Assurian Monks", who came in the desert with his pupil lukiane, they settled in the natural cave and built the first monastery called Laura of Davis. Later different monasteryies (total number 12 ) were built there: "Tsamebuli", "Udabno", " Bertubani", "Mghvime" etc. The monasteries have been destroyed by enemies, monasticism has been abolished and restorates several times. there are frescos of Georgian kings and different historical persons.

22 авг. 2008 г.

In Davit Gareji

After two hours traweling we reached in Davit Gareji.

The sun was shining,the sky was blue and cloudless and marvelous sight stood against this blue sky. We looked the most past of the Davit Gareji's complex.

Everyone was shoked when they saw so beautiful nature.Beside this wonderful nature they saw the grave of St.Davit,where Dell Harnish, Khatuna,Mariana, Qristina, Irma and Nana prayed together.

When we were going to live the complex we meet the monk who began took whith Dell in english. Dell wanted to know how they live in winter there.

Than we go back to Tbilisi.

In the evening they came back to Tbilisi.The professor Dell Harnish with his group were very glad to see very amazing place Davitgareji.
If you have ever been to Davitgareji you will understood how amazed they were to see this wonder of Georgia.
This Blog is made by ELCml IT-manager Khatuna Tsikhelashvili

and her student Natruli Kurtauli.

On the way from Tbilis to Davit Gareji

Before we came to Davit Gareji we joind very munch when we were there buy car.

Kristina , Khatuna, Mariana, Irma

Dell Harnich turn on music and we song together. After this Dell said to as that like nature and animals very munch. On the way he saw the goats, we stopped the car and he began to make the foto.

He was very mary.On the second time we stopped the car on the mountain because he liked this nature very munch. he make very many foto here.

19 авг. 2008 г.

Start vizit to Davit Gareji from tbilisi

Would you like to see something outstanding,something amazing and taking your breath out?If so,you must go and see Davitgareji.

On the 28th of April Dell Harnisch,professor at collage of Education and Human Sciences Deptartment of Teaching,Learning,and Teacher Education came to Georgia, Tbilisi.

The Teachers of ELCml and Our guests decided to go an excurtion to Davitgareji.

We went to Davit gareji from Tbilisi (ELCml office)